CKW – 1

CKW-1 Models, packages, boxes, cases, sacks, cans etc. that pass through the production line at high speed. has a system that automatically weighs the packaged products with high precision and separates the products according to the classification, classification or classification of the packages outside the specified values.



Functional Features

Functional Features

  • 99 product memory
  • 100% product control
  • User-friendly software and easy to use
  • Classification to 3 different weight zones
  • Automatic calibration
  • Manual or automatic reset
  • High precision weighing terminal and load cell
  • Transfer data via USB flash memory or Ethernet
  • Storage of standard deviation, weight value, number and total value of each product in statistical file

Optional Features

  • Sound and light alarm systems
  • Relay contact output for external signal use
  • Industrial network connection
  • Automatic feedback signal for filling / packaging machines
  • Product collection boxes
  • Rejection Countercheck 
  • (Status of acceptance and non-acceptance)

Technicial Specifications

Capacity  300 gr  600 gr  3000 gr 6000 gr
Accuracy  ≥ ±0,1 g  ≥ ±0,2 g  ≥ ±0,5 g  ≥ ±1 g
Indicative Sensitivity     0.1 g / 0.2 g / 0.5 g / 1 g / 2 g
Indicative Sensitivity 200 pcs/min  160 pcs/min  120 pcs/min  100 pcs/min
Band Speed     0,1 – 1 m/s
Protection Class     IP65
Construction Stainless Steel
Working Temperature     -10°C / +50°C
Operating Voltage     210-240V AC 50/60Hz
 Eject Type Air Blown Pusher Piston Separator Handle Air Blown Pusher Piston Separator Handle Pusher Piston Separator Handle Pusher Piston Separator Handle



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